B.A.N.G. Crypto, B.lockchain A.udits N.FT's & G.aming is securing its thumbprint in the crypto environment. Aside from our own BEP casino, we will revolutionize the complete gaming environment with blockchain technology in our world class NFT virtual reality gaming.

Not only gaming, we stormed into 2021, with several NFT collabs and campaigns that are going to finish the year off with the addition of our security department. B.A.N.G. will be responsible for multiple contract audits and freezing of funds on various crypto thefts.

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List of Services

  • Investigate rugs/honeypots theft on the BSC Network
  • Provide asset protection services to prevent future thefts
  • BSC contract logic evaluation
  • KYC doxx process & certificate
  • Assist in token exchange listings process
  • Funds recovery/freeze available*
  • Provide marketing campaigns and ad space exclusively in our gaming platforms


Our audit reports are custom, thorough, and transparent. The report will classify any identified vulnerabilities by severity (Critical, Medium, Low), along with suggested remediations. With every successful audit, we’ll also provide you with a unique Verification Badge that we encourage you to share with pride! This badge contains an ID for anybody to show as proof of your successful audit.

How much is a BANG audit? Less than you think. Send us a non-binding request and receive a personalized offer today.


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BANG will take over the NFT market sector coming out with an innovative way to put your NFTS to use right away.

Please look for new NFTS added to the BANG AirNFT Marketplace everyday to see what each one will unlock for you. You will not be disappointed!

Bang Gaming

B.A.N.G. will be the next level gaming standards in the BSC industry. Come play at our BANG Casino by making a click on the link below.

Furthermore, please stay tuned for our exclusive VR BANG Casino in the future as well as our very own mobile app game "NOS"

Road Map

We have a long road ahead of us but glad to say we are off to a great start! Accomplishing so many goals off of our roadmap before launch! Stick around as we are heading for the top, Stay tuned!




CONTRACT NUMBER :   0x76ba1ce2c05049ee943f7e087128786f4f9eb077


Meet Our Team


Glenn Gates

Chief Developer

Dylan Cannon

Web Developer

Sarah Hurlburt

Director of Marketing

Maiar Martin

Social Media Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

BANG isn’t simply just another BSC token… it’s the next step in the evolution of BSC tokens. B.A.N.G is an acronym for some of the avenues that BANG will be venturing into Blockchain Audits NFT’s & Gaming. It will be an ever-growing & evolving project.
- Download Metamask or Trustwallet and load your wallet with some Binance smart chain (BSC)
- Go to and click the “connect wallet” button
- Once connected to your wallet add the BANG token (TBA)
- Insert the amount of BSC you would like to exchange for BANG
- Set your slippage to (TBA)
- Press swap and then confirm within your wallet.
While you are playing in our casino you will have the option to use metamask or trust wallet to exchange your $BANG tokens for casino chips and viceversa. The ratio of $BANG token per casino chip is 1:1.
We will be maintaining ownership of the contract in order to update it as needed. When ownership of a contract is renounced the ability to edit the contract is lost. BANG is an ever-evolving project that will grow and change in time.
If you find a bug or there is something that you would like to share, please hit the contact us button on the casino or token website. We are also very active on telegram/discord. Please use our social links on top of this page to contact us directly

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